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Nancy Sheppard advises and coaches executive women on planning and executing their strategy to join a corporate board. At Athena, Nancy helps members develop their pitches and deliver them with ease to land their next opportunity.

practice your pitch
meet nancy

Meet Nancy

Nancy is passionate about helping women earn a seat at the board table, founding Women2Boards as a way to assist both corporate boards and women connect and improve gender diversity in the boardroom. She joined the Athena team in 2017, bringing 30+ years of management and governance experience in banking associations, financial services industry, and legislative, regulatory & political environments.

She previously served as CEO of Western Independent Bankers, the largest regional banking association in the US, for over 20 years. She also served on two private company boards for financial institution products, created educational programs for directors and senior executives, and worked with hundreds of banks CEOs and board members.


At Athena: Practice Your Pitch

Whether you are talking to a board member, recruiter, or just networking, your pitch – how you present yourself and the value you bring to a board, company, or committee role – is critical to creating a strong and lasting impression. Nancy leads Concierge-level members in dedicated workshops to practice their pitches together, receiving the support and feedback they need to polish their delivery and win the role.

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What members are saying

“I’ve been involved in M&A processes before, but [Carol] shared nuances regarding the board’s perspective that were incredibly insightful.”

“I greatly appreciated the facilitation for this session, allowing the speaker to cover her material + weave in questions at the right time that built upon her messaging. Well done!”

“This salon was rich and thick with relevant info. I learned more about SPACs in an hour than I have cumulatively in my career. Extremely valuable.”

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