Concierge Service

Designed to meet the demands of the busy executive. Concierge service allows you to engage with the Athena community with the support of a Member Success Manager.

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Annual Membership


Increase your support with a Member Success Manager who acts as your guide for all things Athena. Reach out to them to discuss your goals, discover other members through warm introductions, or source valuable learning content, created for and by Athena members and top board directors. Plus access peer-to-peer monthly workshops, exclusive to Concierge Service members.

Is Athena right for you?

Athena members are the top leaders in their industry. They are in the C-suite or surround the C-suite. They may be CEO, or sit three or less reports away from the CEO at commercial entities. At large enterprises, Athena members may be senior director or above. Athena women are also experienced board directors, rising investment partners or partners at investment firms or consulting firms. 

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Concierge Service Benefits

Personal, one-on-one support

Work with a Member Success Manager for support as you advance your interests within Athena. Lean on them for support as you evaluate and track your goals and interests.

Goal check-ins

Your Member Success Manager will learn about your goals and help you understand how to advance your interests with the power of Athena.

Curated Key Connections

Your Member Success Manager is your partner as you navigate the Athena community, offering warm introductions to personal recommendations for valuable networking connections.

Insights and advice

Your Member Success Manager is there to ensure a streamlined and efficient experience. From curated resources to coach suggestions, your Member Success Manager will deliver the guidance you need to realize the full value of your membership.

Enhance Your Membership

Choose a starting package. Or, just begin with standalone Concierge Service.

Standalone Concierge Service


Annual Membership

✔ Exclusive Community
✔ Salons
✔ Career Opportunities
✔ Monthly Workshops
✔ Member Success Manager

Concierge Service + 1 Hour Coaching


12-month membership

✔ Exclusive Community
✔ Salons
✔ Career Opportunities
✔ Monthly Workshops
✔ Member Success Manager
✔ 1 hour with a coach of your choice

Concierge + 2 Hours + Brand Package


12-month membership

✔ Exclusive Community
✔ Salons
✔ Career Opportunities
✔ Monthly Workshops
✔ Member Success Manager
✔ 2 hours with a coach of your choice
✔ Custom resume, bio, & LinkedIn update
executive development

Why Athena?

Why top women leaders use Athena

Today’s leaders operate in a fast-evolving world, faced with unprecedented challenges. Athena provides a robust network of support and learning, sourced from other top leaders. Members gain access to private coaching, transformative career opportunities, and the most current and advanced on-demand executive learning on the market. 

Rapidly scale your network

An exclusive community of powerhouse senior leaders. Athena women are at the top of their companies, their professions, their industries. In the digital world, our numbers are powerful and together we take 6 degrees of separation to 1 to support our goals and interests collectively and individually.

Curated Key Connections

Concierge Service Only

Directly connect to other women leaders for just in time conversations – to practice for a key discussion or presentation, to gain insight on a topic, industry or discipline you need to understand, or to receive advice and guidance from someone who has “been there” with respect to a goal you want to achieve. Members on the Concierge Service plan receive personalized suggestions and warm introductions.

Why Athena?

Learn from other top executives

Join Salons led by board directors and leaders from some of the world’s most notable brands, three times a week. Stay current on the topics that matter most when it comes to founding, scaling, investing, and operating a business. Topics range from the path to the boardroom, IPO, risk and compliance, financial acumen, entrepreneurship, investing, and more.

Engage in advanced on-demand learning 

Every Salon is available on-demand, designed for busy executives. Level up your executive expertise with hundreds of Salons created from your Athena peers.

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Peer workshops & guided networking

Concierge Service Only

Workshop, practice, and master the skills you need to rise through the ranks in these member-guided salons. Peer Workshops are held monthly, an opportunity to gather real-time feedback and polish your verbal communication. Or, join us for guided networking to form meaningful connections with other members around the world.

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Why Athena?

Access exclusive career opportunities

Board seats, CxO roles, advisory roles, and more. Athena shares every opportunity that comes our way with all members in our fully transparent model. We work directly with boards, private equity and venture firms, recruiting firms, and more. Narrow your search with our matching algorithm. View trends and quickly understand what you are, or are not, a fit for.

What our members are saying

“Since joining Athena, I have felt a synergy amongst the members that I have never felt before within a networking dynamic. The members and Athena team are really passionate about helping each other. They equally provide actionable details to assist you with your Board Member/Board Advisory journey and will connect you with individuals that can be the catalyst to further your efforts on securing said roles. You couldn’t ask for a more welcoming group of ladies that lock arms and help each other climb the ladder to their next career post!”

Gia Fisher

Global IT Partner @ M.I.A.G. LLC

“I have appreciated the coaching and Athena’s help in connecting me to women that have come before me and paved the way for all of us to have the leadership and business impact we strive to achieve. Athena Alliance worked with me every step of the way to the boardroom that allowed me to be more board confident and a more board-connected leader.”

Pam Connealy

CFO @ Immunovant; Board Director @ Orchestra BioMed

“My time with my coach was one of the most impactful 90 min coaching sessions I have ever attended. I walked away learning a lot about resources available, blind spots in how I position myself and the voice/ tone I could improve on to be able to fully articulate the value I bring to a board.”

Roli Saxena

Accelerator Member: CCO @ Brei; Board Director @ CultureAmp

“Athena is an organization that has changed my life for the better. Athena’s concierge service is unlike any other ‘women’s organization’ I have been a part of. I felt the Athena team truly wanted me to succeed and would do whatever possible to make it happen.”

Debbie Clifford

CFO @ SurveyMonkey; Board Director @ Harmonic

“Working with the team of professionals at the Athena was invaluable in helping prepare me for my board appointment. The support team are very knowledgeable, experienced and proactive, lending their support and expertise during every phase of the Board Search process. I’m thrilled to be working with such an empowering and impactful team.”

Kathy Miller

CFO @ Nitro, Inc.; Board Director @ Tecsys, Teleco Business Solutions

“I have been a member since 2018. Athena has been instrumental in helping me build my personal brand and pursue different board opportunities. My experience with the executive development coaches exceeded my expectations and boosted my confidence. Most importantly, I have enjoyed the personal connections I have made with other professional women.”

Carladenise Edwards

Chief Strategy Officer @ Henry Ford Health Systems

“The networking that I have done as I have connected with other highly successful women has been priceless. Even thinking of myself in that same “league” as some of these highly accomplished women has shifted my personal self perceptions and driven me to aspire to even higher expectations of myself and my future impact.”

Gavriella Schuster

Corporate VP One Commercial Partner @ Microsoft; Board Director @ ChinaSoft International

“Athena Alliance was instrumental in helping me land my first board role. I had plenty of opportunities to attend board related networking events and build a great network. Athena provides a plethora of valuable resources including access to potential board opportunities. I ended up being matched with a perfect opportunity that is aligned with my passion and expertise areas.”

Olga Braylovskiy

VP Technology, Customer Success HRBP & People Analytics @ Intuit; Board Director @ Built In

“The first year for board searches can be daunting. It’s quite a different role from my day job. Athena offers a lot, and my personal concierge’s help in navigating me through the Athena services—and in particular specific contacts—has been extremely helpful.”

Barbara Nelson

VP Cloud Services, Software & Strategy @ Western Digital; Board Director @ Quantum

“My favorite thing about Athena is the connections I have made with amazing women leaders, some located on the other side of the country from me, who I would have never had the pleasure of meeting and networking with if it wasn’t for Athena.”

Kathy Kountze

SVP & CIO @ Eversource Energy; Board Director @ BRP

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