The Athena Guide for Landing Your First Board Seat

It can take 2-3 years to land a board seat—even for the most qualified candidates. Learning the best practices in this guide will put you on the fast-track to the boardroom.

Based on a proven model for success

This guide has been developed through knowledge gained from more than six years helping over 300 women land board seats. Helping women achieve board seats is a core part of Athena’s origin story and mission.

This playbook is meant to give aspiring directors a high-level guide for the elements they must consider for their own board journeys. It can also serve as a powerful refresh for existing board directors considering expanding their board portfolios.

In this practical guide, learn how to…

Accelerate your path to the boardroom

Athena supports rising board directors in their journey to the boardroom. C-Suite leaders, board directors, and top management professionals come to Athena for a supportive network, ongoing boardroom education, and access to board opportunities.

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Athena offers live and on-demand learning, coaching, networking, and access to career opportunities for the world’s top women leaders. Have a specific goal such as a board seat, promotion, or career transition? Accelerators provide targeted, one-on-one support to help you get there.

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Businesses of all sizes turn to Athena for support in developing their executives, diversifying their leadership, and transforming their board into a competitive advantage.

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Athena activates the connections, knowledge, and opportunities executive leaders need to break through the barriers that line the “last mile” of their career – to the C-suite, boardroom, or the world of entrepreneurship and investing.

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