Voices of Athena with Priscilla Brenenstuhl

Sit down with the highly accomplished members of Athena Alliance, an executive learning community for women leaders, to hear the personal tales behind their professional success. We learn the real story behind their inspiring executive careers — their fears, their failures, and what song they’re singing at karaoke. You don’t get to the top without creating some memorable stories along the way.

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Pressure is a Privilege with Avril Ussery Sisk

When you know you stand on the shoulders of those that came before you, when you feel the presence of your ancestors in times of great challenge, you accept that great pressure is part of building a great legacy.

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Voices of Athena with Priscilla Brenenstuhl

Priscilla was born into a lineage of storytellers and is eager to utilize the art of story to bring people together. She is adept at finding the magic in the mundane and inspiring others to own their narrative.

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