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Is Athena right for you?

Athena members are the top leaders in their industry. They are in the C-suite or surround the C-suite. They may be CEO, or sit three or less reports away from the CEO at commercial entities. At large enterprises, Athena members may be senior director or above. Athena women are also experienced board directors, rising investment partners or partners at investment firms or consulting firms. 

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Why Athena?

Why top women leaders choose Athena

Today’s leaders operate in a fast evolving world, faced with unprecedented challenges. Athena provides a robust network of support and learning, sourced from other top leaders. Members gain access to private coaching, transformative career opportunities, and the most current and advanced on-demand executive learning on the market. 

Rapidly scale your network

An exclusive community of powerhouse senior leaders. Athena women are at the top of their companies, their professions, their industries. In the digital world, our numbers are powerful and together we take 6 degrees of separation to 1 to support our goals and interests collectively and individually.

Why Athena?

Learn from other top executives

Join Salons led by board directors and leaders from some of the world’s most notable brands, three times a week. Stay current on the topics that matter most when it comes to founding, scaling, investing, and operating a business. Topics range from the path to the boardroom, IPO, risk and compliance, financial acumen, entrepreneurship, investing, and more.

Engage in advanced on-demand learning 

Every Salon is available on-demand, designed for busy executives. Level up your executive expertise with hundreds of Salons created by your Athena peers.

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Why Athena?

Access exclusive career opportunities

Board seats, CxO roles, advisory roles, and more. Athena shares every opportunity that comes our way with all members in our fully transparent model. We work directly with boards, private equity and venture firms, recruiting firms, and more. Narrow your search with our matching algorithm. View trends and quickly understand what you are, or are not, a fit for.

What our members are saying

I’m an aspiring board director, and Athena walked me through the whole process. They helped me distill why I’m interested in board service and what I bring to the table in the boardroom, as well as the more tangible pieces like reshaping my CV to be more appealing for a public or private company board.

Sharon Smith

Chief of Staff @ Ambac

I heard about Athena and was trying to assess whether it would be the right fit for me. Two things prompted me to join—first, while I am often the only woman and person of color in the room, after a series of strategic meetings I found myself longing for a community where others also provide diverse perspectives. Then I received an email from Coco about Athena’s commitment to diversity with very clear metrics of diversity goals. That’s what made it click: this is the right place for me.

Seujan Bertram

VP Global Operations @ OpenMarket, Board Director @ Seattle Credit Union

“Athena will be by my side as I learn how to be successful in my first board position, and map my experience to my next board opportunity. The portal, network, and access to other women who are committed to helping other women are incredibly beneficial.”

Jennifer Heard

SVP Global Strategic Partners @ Turbonomic, Board Director @ Virtuosity Consulting

“Athena Alliance is an organization you will want to join. A week does not go by when I don’t have an opportunity to recommend Athena to an executive, company, board or investor as the premier source of highly qualified business leaders and board members. Their unique combination of high value networking, content, resources and services is truly changing the landscape of today’s corporations and boardrooms. I am so proud to be an active and contributing member of this community of incredibly talented women who are demonstrating the power of real value creation for their stakeholders each and everyday.”

Gayle Crowell

Independent Board Director @ ResMan, Pliant Therapeutics, Evestnet, Hercules Capital

“My favorite thing about Athena is the connections I have made with amazing women leaders, some located on the other side of the country from me, who I would have never had the pleasure of meeting and networking with if it wasn’t for Athena.”

Kathy Kountze

SVP & CIO @ Eversource Energy, Board Director @ BRP

“Athena Alliance not only serves to identify opportunities but actually curates those opportunities based on understanding of its members’ unique background and expertise. This is a true differentiator for both potential board members and enterprises. Athena Alliance understands its members and can offer enterprises a true custom match. As a member, I have been selected for a board where I can truly contribute and make a real difference. This is the Athena hallmark!”

Edna Conway

VP, Global Security, Risk & Compliance—Azure @ Microsoft, Board Director @ ProcessUnity, YL Ventures (advisor)

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