Third Act with Liz Tinkham

The Serial Liver with Nancy Evans

Early in her career, Nancy Evans wrote an article called Surviving My 20s, starting a zigzag path to storied publisher and founder of iVillage. Today, Nancy is the host of the Confab podcast and works with the Women’s Wisdom Project to build a space for women to listen and learn.


Liz Tinkham

Liz Tinkham is a dynamic leader and respected advisor to C-level executives on issues of technology, digital transformation, and leadership. Most recently, Liz served as Senior Managing Director at Accenture and a member of the firm’s Global Leadership Council (the top 0.02% of leaders). Today, she serves on the Board of Directors of, and Athena Alliance, Inc. The Third Act is Liz’s first podcast where she examines how both women and men have discovered passion and new meaning in the “Third Act” of their lives, after their big career has come to a close.

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The Serial Liver with Nancy Evans

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Nancy Evans announced early in her life that she wanted to have a life full of multiple occupations and experiences, hence, the title of this podcast, the Serial Liver.  Remarkably, she’s made this happen, going onto become a storied publisher, author, founder of iVillage, entrepreneur, farmer and mother.  Today, Nancy is the host of the Confab podcast and partners with her daughter on the Women’s Wisdom Project, where she shares stories of extraordinary women whose wisdom we all need.


On the podcast, Nancy shares her experience of the careers she’s had and the important stories she’s collected from women she’s met throughout the years.  She highlights the importance of community for women who can be inspired by those who want them to succeed, no matter what setbacks they encounter.


(02:29) Act 1: Wesleyan and the fork in the road

(04:03) The Power of One

(05:01) Publishing as a woman at Doubleday

(08:02) Giving Jackie Onassis a raise

(09:15) Family Life Magazine: feeding the hungry parenting market

(10:48) Confidence is found in comfort, like writing a letter to a friend

(12:29) The tech frontier in publishing

(15:55) iVillage and the legacy of women entrepreneurs

(18:25) Humanizing cyberspace

(21:59) Community: the engine behind iVillage

(24:28) Farming in Connecticut, with Evans Media as a side hustle

(25:57) A changing sense of identity

(27:29) Sharing stories through The Confab

(31:20) Building an internet destination for women

(33:32) Moving the room with humor

(34:27) Mother daughter duo

(36:15) Age is just a number

(39:04) Time to write a book


Read Vanity Fair’s Air Mail Newsletter, One Last Lunch, and Growing a Small Business for an enriched perspective on Nancy Evans’ inspiration and work. Listen to Nancy’s Confab Podcast at or sign up for the newsletter for more access to Nancy’s conversations with influential women. Hear more stories of people who found new meaning and fulfillment in the third act of their life on Liz Tinkham’s Third Act podcast at

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