Third Act with Liz Tinkham

The Constant Advocate with Eva Helen

Eva Helen is a tech startup founder, advocate for women in tech, and author of “Women in Tech, a Book for Guys,” releasing this fall to share a structured approach for men to advocate for and mentor women.

eva helen

Third Act Podcast

Your first act is school, your second act is work, but have you thought about what you’re going to do in your third act? Join host Liz Tinkham, a former Accenture Senior Managing Director, as she talks to guests who are happily “pretired” – enjoying their time, treasure, and talent to pursue their purpose and passion in the third act of their life.

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The Constant Advocate with Eva Helen

eva helen

Growing up in Sweden, Eva Helen thought that men and women were afforded equal opportunities. Research for her college thesis called for a rude awakening, however, when she realized gender inequality remained prevalent. Allying herself with a sisterhood of passionate advocates for equality, Eva continued her journey of advocacy throughout her career as a tech startup founder.

Now in her Third Act, Eva looks forward to releasing her book this fall, Women in Tech, a Book for Guys. She is a firm believer in the importance of involving men in the fight for women’s rights, especially concerning advancement in the workplace. Since pre-tiring, she has successfully founded her company EQ Inspiration and led a series of workshops called “Women in Tech, an event for guys,” sharing a structured approach for men to advocate for and mentor women.

(04:11) First Act: A college thesis and sales in San Francisco
(07:52) Second Act: Tech startups with the husband
(14:12) Third Act: Bringing men into the conversation
(16:21) “I’m actually her mentor.”
(18:22) You don’t have to reach for an audience
(21:24) Where’s the fear coming from?
(25:32) Al vs. Cree
(33:24) Ineffective checklists
(36:35) Support someone standing alone

Listeners can connect with Eva on LinkedIn or visit her blog to read more of her insights. Keep an eye out for her book, Women in Tech, a Book for Guys, debuting in October.
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