Third Act with Liz Tinkham

The Relief Pitcher with Tim Breene

Tim Breene’s storied career as the Founder of Accenture Interactive set him up for a successful retirement of advisory and board work, but it’s his faith journey with his wife—leading World Relief Services—that defines his third act. Learn how Tim continues to harness the best wisdom of his Christian and secular experiences for the common good.

tim breene

Third Act Podcast

Your first act is school, your second act is work, but have you thought about what you’re going to do in your third act? Join host Liz Tinkham, a former Accenture Senior Managing Director, as she talks to guests who are happily “pretired” – enjoying their time, treasure, and talent to pursue their purpose and passion in the third act of their life.

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The Relief Pitcher with Tim Breene

tim breene

In this episode of Third Act, Liz talks to one of her old bosses from Accenture, Tim Breene. She had lost touch with him after he retired, but learned from a colleague that Tim was using his pretirement to serve the global poor as the CEO of World Relief Services. Tim tells Liz about his journey from hard-charging Accenture executive to finding a common faith journey with his wife, and eventually becoming the CEO of the global Christian humanitarian organization. Tim talks about what it’s like to empower local churches to better serve people and to let go of being outcome-focused.

Tim continues to harness, as he describes, the best wisdom and practices of his Christian and secular experiences for the common good. He continues to be a prolific writer on issues of immigration and refugee resettlement. His work can be found in publications such as USA Today and the Washington Post.

(02:41) The original ad man
(07:51) Finding his faith journey
(10:29) World Relief
(16:20) The Clan Culture
(18:13) Shared Leadership with Scott
(22:09) Serving marginalized and vulnerable people
(25:09) A shared calling with Michelle
(29:54) The impact of climate change

You can connect with Tim on LinkedIn here. You can learn more about World Relief at on their website.
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