Third Act with Liz Tinkham

The Super Ageist with David Harry Stewart

Today, Liz talks with David Harry Stewart — The Super Ageist. David is the founder of Ageist, a media company that champions the vitality and influence of the modern 50-plus. After a successful career as a photographer, David grew disillusioned photographing 20-year-olds for campaigns targeting 50-year-olds, so he founded Ageist to better represent this demographic.

Third Act Podcast

Your first act is school, your second act is work, but have you thought about what you’re going to do in your third act? Join host Liz Tinkham, a former Accenture Senior Managing Director, as she talks to guests who are happily “pretired” – enjoying their time, treasure, and talent to pursue their purpose and passion in the third act of their life.

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The Super Ageist with David Harry Stewart

On today’s show, Liz talks with David Harry Stewart — The Super Ageist. David is the founder and face of Ageist, a new media company and agency that champions the vitality and influence of the modern 50-plus. David’s second act was as a professional photographer, but he eventually realized that there was something just not right in photographing 20- and 30-year olds for products targeting people over 50. So he and a friend launched media agency Ageist to represent the mindset and aspirations that drive this influential demographic. Today, he is a passionate champion and leading authority for those in the modern 50-plus age group.

1:52 Becoming a photographer
5:00 Getting really good at it
6:11 The 20 year olds in the 50+ campaign
10:54 Starting Ageist
16:26 Knowing a lot about 18% of the population between 50 and 70
18:23 The MasterMind class
22:17 The SuperAge podcast
30:00 The mindset of the Super Ageist
35:24 What’s ahead for the Ageist Agency?

Find out more about David Harry Stewart. Learn more about the Ageist podcast and magazine here.

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